Typica Natural


Typica Natural

Florals, pear, red apple, orange

“The farm Volcan Azul is located on the edge of the Poás volcano. For 5 generations, producers have been producing coffee with the aim of achieving excellence and the highest quality. The descendants of the founding families continue to acquire unconsumed tropical forest to protect and preserve the environment and to reduce air pollution and global warming. In this way, they contribute to a better future for future generations.

The West Valley is Costa Rica’s historic coffee region. Most of the coffees are shaded grown and on fertile clay soil. The landscape of the valley is structured by three volcanoes and a gentle tectonic depression. This privileged region on the Pacific coast has well-defined dry and rainy seasons.
Finca Volcán Azul has a track record in Cup of Excellence, they started in 2013 when they had their first COE winner. Since then they have had several international winners.”

“Natural processed coffee (special for Costa Rica) will be shaded grown and handpicked for harvest when fully ripe and spread out on concrete or sunbeds with the full coffee cherry on the bean, including their pulp. They dry naturally in the sun and will be sculpted afterwards. The Natural process gives the coffee the full flavors and sweetness of the coffee fruit with spectacular results in floral, fruity and sweet flavors.”

The Typica Natural has sweet floral and fruity flavors from pear, red apple and orange.

Region: West Valley / Póas
Cup Score: 88
Producer: Volcán Azul
Altitude: 1500-1600m
Variety: Typica
Harvest: January to March
Process: Natural
Acidity: Low
Body: Full Body
Roast: Medium


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