Palmichal Fully Washed



Clean, Balanced, Orange, Sweet Caramel Finish

During 1967, the three Vindas brothers Eduardo, Leonel and Gerardo purchased the first hectares of land from a cattle farmer and continued producing milk and cheese for the 1,500 inhabitants of Palmichal. Two years later, the brothers started to grow the first coffee seedings on the tremendous slopes of the Tacuotari mountains, where nobody else even dared to think of growing coffee on these spectacular slopes, but the Vindas convinced that the volcanic soil combined with the smooth, pacific-influenced and relatively dry climate was ideal for coffee growing, continued to grow Caturra and Catuaí plants protecting the crystaline rivers and preventing the mountain borders from erosion.

Palmichal features some of Costa Rica’s best coffees. The name ‘calidad Palmichal’ is a designation of prestige, much as that of nearby Tarrazú and has spent the last 100 years refining its processes in a micro mill for small batches of specialty coffee.

The ripe and handpicked red beans are delivered to Palmichal micro mill, where it’s pulped and then graded by density using water channels and screen sieves. The coffee is then moved to fermentation tanks for 24 hours and afterwards washed with clean mountain water. Finally the coffee is dried in drum driers at low temperatures and stored in parchment in special silos, to preserve its characteristics. The coffee is hulled and sorted only just before shipment.

The result is a well balanced coffee with acidic notes of orange, a creamy body and a sweet caramel finish. It comes great as espresso, because of its clean taste and as it gets a nice and thick ‘crema’, but it works as well for pour-over methods. The acidity shines great through a filtered coffee experience.

Region: Palmichal
Cup Score: 85
Farm: Leonel Vindas
Altitude: 1450m
Variety: Red Catuaí
Harvest: January-February
Process: Fully Washed
Acidity: Citric
Body: Juicy Velvety Texture
Roast: Medium or Dark


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