Organic Dota Honey


Organic Dota Honey

Sweet, sugar cane, caramel, chocolate

“Hacienda el Triunfo is a farm which produces certified organic coffee for AFAORCA (Asociación de familias orgánicas de los cerros caraigres). AFAORCA is an association of small farmers who specialize in producing unique mico lot batches of very high quality and organic Arabica coffees.

The fruit is grown under optimal conditions of humidity and shade, which guarantees a slow and even ripening. The selection of the cherry is done with special attention by selecting only ripe fruits.”

The honey process has been invented in Costa Rica and means to dry the coffee by depulping only a part of the coffee fruit from the bean and keep the rest – so called `mucilage` on the been. The mucilage (sticky substance like honey) cover the beans while drying on concrete or sunbeds. The producer has full control of the level of mucilage left on the beans. There are white, yellow, red and black honeys, whereby white honey has at least and black honey the most mucilage left on the beans. This process is the most complex, laborious and expensive way to process coffee, but it results in a rich bodied, flavorful coffee with sweet aftertaste unlike any other.

From the beginning of the fruit harvesting process to the roast, we work rigorously to obtain a very clean cup profile of soft sweetness, it has a balanced body and acidity, highlighting fruity aromatic notes, as well as sugary flavors, sweets of sugar cane, caramel and chocolate

Region: Santa María de Dota
Cup Score: 85
Producer: Hacienda EL Triunfo
Altitude: 1900m
Variety: Caturra, Catual
Harvest: February
Process: Honey
Acidity: Balanced
Body: Balanced
Roast: Medium


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