Blue Zone Cerro Negro Peaberry Washed


Blue Zone Cerro Negro Peaberry Washed

Nuts, vanilla, caramel and chocolate candy

“Cerro Negro is located in the famous Blue Zone of Costa Rica. That means people here are more than twice as likely as elsewhere to reach a helathy age of at least 90 and frequently live to be over 100 years old. Costa Rica´s Blue Zone in the peninsula Nicoya is the only one with production of specialty coffee in the world, given its great exclusivity.

This coffee is a sustainable or environmentally responsible coffee, it is led by the Nama Café Program of Costa Rica, the first Nama Agrícola initiative in the world that seeks to reduce the carbon footprint, under production in agroforestry systems. (also important to note that it is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable and fair trade). It is a coffee that seeks to improve the living conditions of the families of 192 producers associated with Coopepilangosta RL, which generates a social impact on the economic issue in the rural communities of the Nicoya Peninsula.”

The ripe and handpicked red beans are delivered to Coopepilangosta RL micro mill, where it`s pulped and then graded by density using water channels and screen sieves. The coffee is then moved to fermentation tanks for 24 hours and afterwards washed with clean mountain water. Finally the coffee is dried in drum driers at low temperatures and stored in parchment in special silos, to preserve its characteristics. The coffee is hulled and sorted only just before shipment. Peaberry coffee is a naturally occurring mutation where only one bean develops inside of the coffee cherry instead of two. Coffee enthusiasts looking for the “champagne of coffee” will quickly find out that peaberry coffee is more expensive. This is due the rarity of this exquisite coffee. Not only are peaberries hard and unpredictable to find, they require hand sorting, separate roasting and careful handling.

Cup characteristics are citrus acidity, creamy round body, notes of nuts, vanilla, caramel and chocolate candy

Region: Guanacaste/Nicoya
Cup Score: 83
Producer: Cerro Negro, Coopepilangosta RL
Altitude: 975m
Variety: CR95
Harvest: January to February
Process: Fully Washed
Acidity: Citric
Body: Creamy Round Body
Roast: Medium or Dark


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