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Coffee growing regions in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for producing high-quality coffee, and it has several coffee growing regions throughout the country. Some of the prominent coffee growing regions in Costa Rica include:

  1. Tarrazú: Located in the Central Valley region, Tarrazú is one of the most famous and well-regarded coffee-growing regions in Costa Rica. It has a high altitude and rich volcanic soil, which contributes to the exceptional quality of its Arabica coffee.
  2. Tres Ríos: Also situated in the Central Valley, the Tres Ríos region is known for its exceptional coffee. The area benefits from a unique microclimate and fertile soil, resulting in coffee with bright acidity and floral flavors.
  3. West Valley: The West Valley region, which includes areas like Naranjo and Palmares, is another important coffee growing region in Costa Rica. It produces coffee with a wide range of flavors, often exhibiting fruity and citrusy notes.
  4. Central Valley: The Central Valley encompasses various coffee growing regions, including the previously mentioned Tarrazú, Tres Ríos, and West Valley. This region is characterized by its high altitudes and volcanic soil, providing favorable conditions for growing coffee.
  5. Brunca: Located in the southern part of Costa Rica, the Brunca region is gaining recognition for its coffee production. It has a diverse microclimate and produces coffees with unique profiles, often exhibiting notes of chocolate and tropical fruits.
  6. Orosi: Orosi is a coffee growing region situated in the Cartago province of Costa Rica. Its coffee plantations benefit from the area’s altitude, volcanic soil, and the influence of the Orosi River. The coffee from this region is known for its balanced flavors.
  7. Guanacaste: While Guanacaste is primarily known for its beautiful beaches and national parks, it also has coffee production in certain areas. The coffee from this region tends to have a milder flavor profile compared to other regions.

These are just some of the notable coffee growing regions in Costa Rica, and each one offers unique characteristics that contribute to the diversity and quality of Costa Rican coffee.


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